Christmasathon ( A Readathon In December)

In December I decided to host my reathon Christmasathon. This is my first readthon I’ve every really hosted like this so I hope everyone will have fun and enjoy it.

You can join us HERE. We have a Twitter page and a discord group.

The readthon is split in to two groups. Team Elf and Team Grinch. The goal for each team is to get more points than the other by completing prompts to defeat the other. Team Grinch’s objective, stop Christmas from happening. Team Elf’s objective try to catch up on making toys or there won’t be a Christmas.

Each team has a set of prompts, most are very laid back and you can almost fit any book on your tbr for them.

Each team has an advantage and a disadvantage.

Each team has a group book that’s not mandatory.

Anything can count for the readthon graphic novels, novels, middle grade, children’s books, and audio books. The goal is to try to read books that you wanna finish before next year.

The only prompt you can double up on is the buddy read and group book prompt!


Steal Someones Favorite Book- (any book recommended to you, I don’t think this one needs any examples. If you need some recommendations ask around in the discord)

Coal- read something that will keep you warm (has a firey title or cover, or the plot is warm a.k.a romance, has red, orange or yellow on the cover even if its just a tiny bit)

Catching Fire
Fireborne (has fire in the title)
Fix Her Up (romance)
Haunting of Hill House (red and orange cover)
Damsel (red and orange cover)
Tiger A Midnight (fire on cover)
For A Muse of Fire (fire on cover)

Bah Humbug – read something wintry on the cover
(can be a white cover or title, have snow on the cover, have wintry title)

Let It Snow (winter title)
A Court of Frost and Starlight (winter title)
And I Darken (white title)
Slyaer (white title)
Girls Made of Snow and Glass ( winter title)
A Blade So Black (white cover)
Children of Blood Bone (white cover)
The Belles. (White cover)
Enchantee (white cover)
Sadie (white cover)
A Court of Thorns and Roses (white title)

Ebenezer Scrooge – read a book with a morally grey character or villain

The Red Queen
Six Of Crows
Shadow and Bone
Darker Shade of Magic
Strange The Dreamer
An Ember In The Ashes
Harry Potter

Now since not everyone wants to buddy read a book with someone you can read a book that’s a 5 star prediction for team Elf.


Present – read a book that was gifted to.
If you don’t have any books that has been given to you pick a book you gave to yourself.

Santa’s Workshop – buddy read a book. (Or read a 5 star prediction book) Find someone on the discord to buddy read a book with. If you for some reason don’t want to buddy read with someone or cant find someone to buddy read with let me know and ill give you a different prompt.

Happy Holidays – read a book that gets you in the holiday spirit

Any wintery or christmas book. Can be a graphic novel or a middle grade book.

Deck The Halls – read a book with red, white, green, silver or gold on the cover

Two Can Keep A Secret
The Cruel Prince
The Guilded Wolves
Six of Crows

Let me know in the comments below if you are going to join us in December!

9 thoughts on “Christmasathon ( A Readathon In December)

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  1. This seems like perfect Christmas themed readathon! I love how you included several recommendations / ideas. I need to see what I need to read for university this month before I commit to anyone team, but I’d love to join.


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  3. This is such a great idea! I love the team names! I wish I’d seen this read-a-thon sooner – I would totally have joined! But, since I’m scrambling to finish my Goodreads challenge for the year, it’s probably best that I sit out challenges for the remainder of 2019! I hope you’re doing awesome and that your read-a-thon is a blast for the participants and YOU!


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